demigirl russia has become my life

My chest is big enough anyways—!

Poor Ivan, cub can’t find anything that will fit cubs chest!

girl days + hot days are the worst because ivan doesnt like their big arms but all of their other dresses have long or 3/4 lengths sleeves and those are too hot for summer

poor bby

gosh what a CUTE bby 

demigirl! Russia

ivan doesnt rly dress girly much because its rly hard to find shirts and dresses that will fit over those massive shoulders or cute shoes for those massive feet

should i livestream the rest of this y/n

what a big baby

finally cleaned up all the lineart and got some flats down

"i love the sea and all but i never really planned on having sex with a fish"

Ivan is such a white boy tho

u know he cant handle the seychellois heat


Transgirl and track star. She likes camping but not cold weather.

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